August 12, 2022
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Flight A Winners
1st Place Grs 81 Net 69Jack Hughes$96
2nd Place Grs 87 Net 74*Doug Demshar$48
3rd Place Grs 89 Net 74*Bruce Sallee$21
Flight B Winners
1st Place Grs 84 Net 62Millard Land$96
2nd Place Grs 81 Net 63Bryan Ferguson$48
3rd Place Grs 92 Net 69Lou Jones$21
Closest to Pin
Hole 4Bradley Hofmann$23
Hole 7John Kufrovich$23
Hole 12Doug Demshar$23
Hole 15Millard Land$23
Front 9 Birdies
 John Kufrovich$23
Back 9 Birdies
 Victor Rangel$6
 Bryan Ferguson$6
 Millard Land$6
 Lou Jones$6
Gross Skins
2Doug Demshar$27
10Victor Rangel$27
15Millard Land$27
18Lou Jones$27
1, 6John Kufrovich$55
3, 13Bryan Ferguson$55
Net Skins
4Abiel Casanova$24
8Jack Hughes$24
15Millard Land$24
16Kevin Bracken$24
18Lou Jones$24
1, 6John Kufrovich$48
3, 13Bryan Ferguson$48
Little John Golf League is an established golf club with no real-estate comprised of members who wish to play and promote the Game of Golf