January 29, 2023
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Flight A Winners
1st Place Grs 89 Net 74JD Maddox$117
2nd Place Grs 89 Net 77Glenn Green$59
3rd Place Grs 92 Net 78*Thomas Pruyn$26
Flight B Winners
1st Place Grs 102 Net 76Cliff Osborne$117
2nd Place Grs 94 Net 78Tom Richardson$59
3rd Place Grs 112 Net 82*Kalen Green$26
Closest to Pin
Hole 4JD Maddox$27
Hole 8Hector Gonzalez$27
Hole 10Thomas Pruyn$27
Hole 16Jeff Green$27
Front 9 Birdies
 Hector Gonzalez$7
 JD Maddox$7
 Thomas Pruyn$7
 Chris Wise$7
Back 9 Birdies
 Steve Bloch$7
 Rick Kimbrell$7
 Hector Gonzalez$7
 Chris Wise$7
Gross Skins
4JD Maddox$38
10Rick Kimbrell$38
12Chris Wise$38
15Steve Bloch$38
16Hector Gonzalez$38
1, 17Thomas Pruyn$77
Net Skins
1Thomas Pruyn$33
10Rick Kimbrell$33
13AJ Grant$33
8, 18Gordon Cooley$67
5, 6, 11Cliff Osborne$101
Little John Golf League is an established golf club with no real-estate comprised of members who wish to play and promote the Game of Golf